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“Building Relevance”

Dear ODOC Colleagues,

I would like to express my deep appreciation to all the Ohio Diversity Officers Collaboration (ODOC) members who have reached out to me declaring their interest in working with ODOC and assisting one another to further this organization’s mission. We will be utilizing our website to better communicate with members and I would ask that you continue sending to myself (Shanda.Gore@utoledo.edu) or ODOC Chief of Staff (Sariah.Shutts@utoledo.edu) any announcements you want communicated to the group.

As you are all well aware, diversity discussions are in the forefront of institutions across this country and as diversity professionals you may find yourself requested to be engaged by groups or individuals that you may not have interacted with before – sometimes to seek your council, sometimes to solve perceived problems.

As I discussed at our annual meeting about “Building Relevance”, it is critical that you seek opportunities to be even more engaged in your home institutions and work with your local communities like never before. Reach out to your local civil service departments and ask if they need your expertise. Volunteer to be that needed noon luncheon speaker to talk about diversity. Help others who are interested in working in diversity further their education or experience. Conduct that free diversity training or workshop that addresses harmful microaggressions. Talk about ODOC to others who need to be connected to a working group of professionals.

To support “Building Relevance”, we are launching four subcommittees and would ask if you would review and decide what group you may want to volunteer to help move it forward.

  1. Recruitment/Membership- Proactive outreach and recruitment efforts deliberately focused on increasing diversity to support ODOC’s mission and vision and engage a new audience.
  2. Education/Professional Development- Providing opportunities for diversity training and forming partnerships with institutions with diverse constituencies to ensure diverse higher education professionals are familiar with ODOC’s mission and vision.
  3. Communications/Social Media Group- Creating a robust online presence that actively remains engaged and is reflective of ODOC’s vision and mission.
  4. Resource Subcommittee- Create and maintain a list of higher education publications, diversity plans, diversity training, websites, associations and organizations that serve diverse constituents and publish diverse content which will assist members with career development and networking resources.

Now is the time, more than any other time, to build relevance and trust. Step into the role and agree to be that bridge. Your knowledge is needed, your skills are needed, your ability to move us all forward is needed. And for those who may feel inundated and challenged, know that you are appreciated

If you are interested in serving on any of the above subcommittees please contact the ODOC Chief of Staff, Sariah Flores Shutts (Sariah.Shutts@utoledo.edu)
The upcoming 2016 year will be full of new opportunities. Let’s work together to make a difference in diversity.

Thank you,

Shanda Gore, Ed.D.
Ohio Diversity Officers Collaboration

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